Master The Timecode Basics by Matt Price

Master The Timecode Basics

Master The Timecode Basics

What's included?

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The Basic Terminology
What Is Timecode?
What is SMPTE timecode?
What Does SMPTE Timecode Look Like?
What Is LTC? (Longitudinal Time Code)
What Is VITC? (Vertical Interval Timecode)
The Idea Of Drift
Frame Rates (FPS)
Timecode Modes
Rec Run (Record Run)
Free Run / 24hr Free Run / TOD
Ext-TC Auto-Rec (External Time Code Auto-Record)
Ext-TC/Cont (External Time Code Continuous)
Ext-TC Auto-Rec/Cont (External Time Code Auto-Record Continuous)
Timecode Compared To Other Forms Of Sync
Word Clock vs Timecode
Genlock Vs Timecode
Timecode Equipment
The 3 Cables Ends For 99% of Professional Digital Cameras
Lockit Boxes / External Timecode Generators
Timecode Slates

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After now working on over 500 projects in mainly the Film / Commercial and Branded content space over the past 10 years I wanted to create a place to easily get people on track with combining theory and my experience to offer a more all rounded training.