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After now working on over 500 projects in mainly the Film / Commercial and Branded content space over the past 10 years I wanted to create a place to easily get people on track with combining theory and my experience to offer a more all rounded training.

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Instead of a Blog some of these topics are better as full courses that give you more context around individual ideas. For example Word clock in reference to sync, in the master timecode basics course i'll take you through timecode also in reference to Genlock and Word Clock.

Also this platform sadly doesn't have a search function and im taking full use of the unlimited courses features. Instead you can follow this rough guide menu for courses or scroll down and see all of them you might like.

- Understand Wireless Frequency Blocks
- Suggested Frequencies Around The World
- Intermodulation Calculator

Timecode / Sync
Master Timecode Basics
- Timecode Manuals Bank
- How To Timecode Sync All RED Cameras

Camera Settings
All RED Camera Settings

References / Guides
- Compare 126 Boom Poles
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Understanding Wireless Frequency Blocks

This is a course to teach you about wireless frequency blocks and how they fit in together.

Wireless Frequency Rules By Country

This is a chance for you to get involved with keeping up to date information for people in your area of the world. For those...

Timecode Devices Manuals

These are manuals saved from current and discontinued models as a bank to be able to save them from website URL changes.

Compare 126 Different Boom Pole Specs

This is a PDF to be able to compare 126 boom poles with specs both in metric and imperial systems. For any given boom pole...

Timecode / Audio / Fan settings for All RED Cameras

This breaks down each RED camera and give you the essentials for all sound people working with REDs. The settings and options for Timecode /...

Master The Timecode Basics

Timecode and sync in general is something you will have likely encountered if you are recording sound separate from one or more cameras. This course...